Asif Magsi a self enthusiast jumper got noticed when his video about jumping over 11 bikes became trending. So did another video, in which Asif is seen jumping over a canal.

The video was also noticed by Carl Lewis one of the greatest athletes and nine-time Olympic gold medal winner. In his tweet message Lewis stated: “Actually with his lack of fear, he has the perfect mindset.”

Asif performed both the acts with the Pakistan national flag, which was to commemorate the Pakistan independence day falling on 14th August.

Living in the city of Thatta in Sindh province of Pakistan, Asif is a fisherman by profession.

The Pakistan Athletics Federation has established contact with Asif Magsi.

Asif Magsi from Thatta Pakistan jumpimg over 11 Bikes – Allsportspk

Asif Magsi from Thatta, Pakistan jumpimg over a canal with considerable distance – Allsportspk


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