USA squeezed past to beat Pakistan and become the second Finalist of the Scrabble Virtual World Cup. They beat the young team of Pakistan in a cliff hanger Semi Final, which went till the last match between Moiz Ullah Baig Vs Jesse Day.

The Final between USA Vs India will be played next week on Sunday, 16th August. The 3rd position match to be played between Pakistan and Canada.

The final score after 5 Rounds:

  • USA – 13
  • Pakistan – 12

The 1st Round was a close battle with Pakistan winning 3-2. Players who won: Pakistan – Moiz, Imaad and Hassan. USA – Dave and Will. The 2nd Round Pakistan increased the lead to 6-4. The Pakistan lead was narrowed again to a point in the 3rd Round with the score at 8-7. The 4th Round was a nerve wrecker for Pakistan team as the score was equaled at 10-10. Thereby, all was left to win for each team in the last Round. The last Round went till the last match with a cliff hanger finish of 13-12 in favour of USA.

The USA had the edge of experience which is evidenced by the 5 USA players being presently among the top 20 of World ranked scrabble players. They include Mr. Jesse Day who was the World Scrabble Championship finalist. Mr. Conrad and Mr. Will Anderson are also among the world best. Mr. Conrad has been beaten twice by Mr. Waseem.



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