SLC- Sri Lanka Cricket has postponed the inaugural event due to quarantine rules issued by the government for the foreign players.

Due to corona-virus reason, the Sri Lankan health authorities continue to insist that any foreigners have to observe a 14 day quarantine period. According to SLC official they had requested for a three-day quarantine period, but the government health authorities did not agree and emphasised on 14 days. In view of such restrictions, it would not be feasible to hold the tournament this month as planned.

SLC official elaborated that the tournament will be postponed till November, however, any details including match schedule were not shared.

The LPL was officially announced a month ago by SLC, with the goal to restart high level cricket from 28th August 28 in which 70 international players were expected to participate.

The Sri Lankan domestic cricket in Sri Lanka has become active from 10th August, in accordance with the health ministry SOP’s.