Cycling Race Crash:

Odd! Motorcycle Marshal The Cause

The sport of Cycling basically gives an impression of being rather delicate. However, in reality at times it is not so as there is a mix of victory and also tragedy and triumph. In every sport the greatest joy is being victorious, but the greater pain is accidents. As to Cycling the worse pain is the High-speed or Cycling crash.

The video is an example of a dangerous Cycling Race crash. But the most interesting part is the manner in which it happened. Who would have thought that the Motorcycle Marshal who is responsible also for safety of cyclists would be the reason.

As the race starts, a large number of cyclists get into rhythm. Suddenly, in the middle of the narrow junction of the cycling track, the Marshal is parked. After a number of cyclists pass him, when a main herd of the cyclists get into the flow. The destiny of some to survive was a close call as some hit the  Marshals motorbike, others smashed after one another causing a domino effect to spread through the approaching cyclists. The first few cyclists were lucky to work out the situation and kept rolling while the latter were unfortunately blinded and crashed at the spot. 

The Marshal who was to provide them safety, instead proved to be a nail in the coffin of cyclists’ fates.

In cycling competitions, casualties usually happen due to riders slip streaming or colliding with one another. But no one ever imagined that a Marshal would turn the ‘race tables’ altogether!

The excitement of the audience and participants turned into frowns as the crisp and spark of the race faded.  Although, the cyclists can be seen recovering. Hope they realized that the race has already been lost!

Hope such incidents help us, especially Marshals learn from such videos and mistakes.


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