The First Defence Raya Open Squash Championship contested at the outstanding Defence Raya Squash Courts turned out to be a test of stamina, speed, strength, balance and movement. Top sixteen squash players of the country aspiring to win national honours and remunerative prizes are participating in the event.

After day of competitive matches, the Championship entered the Semifinals stage, which will be played on Monday, 7th February as follows:

  • – The first semifinal will be played between Tayyab Aslam and Uzair Rashid.
  • – The second semifinal will be a contest between Ahmad Amin and Muhammed Farhan.

During the the preliminary round matches, Tayyab Aslam disposed off his opponent Mehmood Mehboob in 14 minutes and the scores were 11-3, 11-3 and 11-3.

However, the second two matches between Huzaifa Shahid and Tayyab  Rauf and Uzair Rashid and Usman Nadeem brought to the fore some contrasting styles and fierce hitting. Both these matches lasted about forty minutes and were entertainment oriented.

Two other first round matches that produced high toned competitive game were between Hassan Raza and Khakan Malik and Abdul Mughni and Ahad Shaukat.

In the second segment of the day, the quarterfinals were fought out with vitality, zest and resolute purposefulness. Ball striking was resonating and perfect lobs and drops served as winning enablers for the victorious ones. While Tayyab Aslam and Ahmed Amin exhibited mastery and transcendence over the flow of the game and unsettled their opponents through unrivalled squash playing skills, the match between Uzair Rasheed and Hassan Raza was fairly sensational. Ultimately Uzair Rasheed plummeted his rival by remaining consistent. 


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