31st January 2022 Update

(Taiwanese team performing religious rituals – 31st January 2022)

As can be seen in the Exclusive video, early morning today six members of the Taiwanese Winter expedition team departed from the base camp. Before proceeding the Nepalese team member can be seen and heard performing religious rituals.

Despite bad weather conditions, the team is attempting to climb to establish Camp 2 for setting the track right by doing rope fixing, etc, and return back to Base camp. Two members which include the female climber have stayed back in the Base camp.

Mr. Iqbal the leader of organizing group Summit Karakoram, for Allsportspk readers and viewers who may not be familiar with mountaineering, explained that in case the weather conditions are suitable, the team will then proceed to set up Camp 3 and even Camp 4 before returning to Base camp. The reason for returning is mainly to rest and develop the body energy before attempting the summit push to conquer the peak. This is a rather long process and not a matter of a few days.

30th January – Evening Update

(Members having dinner at Base camp – 30th January 2022)

In this video, the members are seen having dinner at base camp after their return in the first attempt at establishing Camp 1.