Lionel Messi’s four-match suspension has been lifted by the FIFA the governing body of world football.  Messi was banned during a qualifier against Chile in March, for insulting an assistant referee. The suspension had been imposed by FIFA’s disciplinary committee hours before the game started in La Paz. Television coverage revealed him cursing at linesman Emerson Augusto do Carvalho at the end of the match. Whereas, Carvalho said he did not understand at the time what Messi was saying.

One match ban has already been served by Messi, when he missed the Argentina’s 2-0 defeat match in Bolivia.

The body officials said that the “evidence available was not sufficient, according to the standards required….in sanctioning serious incidents which have been missed by match officials.”

At present, Argentina with 22 points from 14 games is fifth in the 10-team South American group.