The arrested captain Harry Maguire of the English football club Manchester United is set to file an appeal in the court in Mykonos, Greece against his arrest.

Maguire was arrested on Thursday 20th August night with 2 friends. They had been charged of violence against officials, disobedience, bodily harm, insult and attempted bribery of an official.

Maguire led his team during the Semi Final of the Europa League 2020 on 17th August against Sevilla. The 27 years old Maguire played as defender but his team was defeated by 2-1. Thereafter, he was on holiday trip to Greece with friends where they were arrested.

  1. Maguire’s lawyer Konstantinos Darivas has told that Maguire denied the allegations and would be released without any charges after the appeal.
  2. Prior to this the Syros prosecutor’s office announced that Maguire along with 2 other foreigners had been arrested.
  3. The Manchester United confirmed their contact with arrested captain and asserted that Maguire was cooperating with police.


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