Premier League Highlights

Manchester City having already won the Premier league played their last match quite gracefully as they won it to make a record of being the first team to score 100 points in a premier league season.

This was the last day of the Premier League as Match Day 38 of 38 came to an end. All 10 matches of this day were played today as the league finally came to an end.

The Match Wise Highlights are appended below the points table.

Premier League Highlights: Match Day 37 of 38 as of 5th May

Position Club Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Manchester City 38 32 4 2 100
2 Manchester United 38 25 6 7 81
3 Tottenham Hotspur 38 23 8 7 77
4 Liverpool 38 21 12 5 75
5 Chelsea 38 21 7 10 70
6 Arsenal 38 19 6 13 63

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Premier League Highlights Match 1 of 10:  Burnley FC Vs Bournemouth

Result: 1 – 1

Goal Scorers:

  • Burnley FC: Chris Wood 39’
  • Bournemouth: Joshua King 74’


  • Burnley FC started their match with Bournemouth in order to win it and close their premier league journey on a win.
  • Bournemouth also had the same intentions as the match started with both teams showing excellent show of possession in the 1st
  • But it was Chris Wood of Burnley FC who finally succeeded in scoring the opening goal of the match as he netted the ball at the 39th
  • Despite making their full efforts, Bournemouth could not score an equalizer in the first half as it came to an end with Burnley FC in the lead.
  • The 2nd half started after the break as Bournemouth looked to counter attack and level the scoreboard.
  • And they finally succeeded in doing it as successful shots at their oppositions goal earned them a goal at the 74th
  • Joshua King was the man of this moment as he scored an amazing goal for his team.
  • After this goal Bournemouth found another hero in Callum Wilson as he struck in the dying moments of the match to win the match for Bournemouth.

Premier League Highlights Match 2 of 10:  Arsenal Vs Huddersfield

Result: 1 – 0

Goal Scorers:

  • Arsenal: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 38’


  • Arsene Wenger may have wanted a parting gift and he got one from Arsenal as they won their last premier league to finish 6th in the premier league table.
  • Although it was a balanced match in terms of possession but it was the conversion chances that won Arsenal this match.
  • After taking several attempts at Huddersfield’s goal post Arsenal finally netted one shot and Pierre-Emerick was the man who scored the opening goal of the match.
  • The goal was scored at the 38th minute and Huddersfield had their chances to score an equalizer but couldn’t do so as the 1st half ended.
  • The 2nd half started with Huddersfield trying to score a goal to level the scoreboard.
  • But they were constantly being stopped by Arsenal defenders who were doing a wonderful job today.
  • And despite taking a total of 18 shots at Arsenal’s goal Huddersfield could not manage to score a goal as Arsenal won the match.
  • After this match, Huddersfield ended their Premier League campaign with 37 points on the table.

Premier League Highlights Match 3 of 10:  West Ham Vs Everton

Result: 3 – 1

Goal Scorers:

  • West Ham: Manuel Lanzini 39’, 82’, Marko Arnautovic 63’
  • Everton: Oumar Niasse 74’


  • The match belonged to West Ham as they managed to outplay their opponents in every way possible.
  • Playing in their last Premier League match both teams had the intentions to win but only one team won i.e. West Ham.
  • The lead was taken by West Ham in the 2nd half as Manuel Lanzini scored the opening goal in the 39th
  • Everton also looked for an opening but couldn’t find any as the 1st half ended with West Ham in the lead.
  • The 2nd half went underway as Everton looked to turn their fortune around, however West Ham weren’t going to let that happen.
  • As, Marko struck at the 63rd minute to extend his team’s lead in the match as the scoreboard now read 2-0.
  • However, Everton finally found their goal-scoring chance as Oumar Niasse netted the ball at the 74th minute to score a goal for Everton.
  • But it became useless as Lanzini scored yet again in the 2nd half and provided a 2-goal lead to his team over Everton.
  • And, then the match played itself as the final result was, yes you guessed it 3 – 1.

Premier League Highlights Match 4 of 10:  Southampton Vs Manchester City

Result: 0 – 1

Goal Scorers:

  • Manchester City: Gabriel Jesus 90+4’


  • Having already won the Premier League Manchester City faced Southampton, a team that ranked 17th in the points table.
  • Manchester City were the clear favorites to win this match which they did, however it was not as easy as they thought it would be.
  • Although, Manchester City dominated in possession and total shots at their opposition’s goal, however they were denied a goal in the 1st
  • All this was the effort of Southampton’s excellent defending as the 1st half ended with 0 – 0 on the scoreboard.
  • The 2nd half also the same story as constant resilience was being shown by the Southampton side.
  • But, Manchester City were at the top of the table for a reason and they showed it once again as Gabriel Jesus scored a goal in extra time of the match.
  • This goal not only helped City to win this match, but it also helped them to set a unique record.
  • As, after this win they have now become the first team in Premier League history to score 100 points and win the Premier League.

Premier League Highlights Match 5 of 10:  Liverpool Vs Brighton

Result: 4 – 0

Goal Scorers:

  • Liverpool: Mohamed Salah 26’, Dejan Lovren 40’, Dominic Solanke 53’, Andrew Robertson 85’.


  • Liverpool had been impressive this whole Premier League season and they displayed the same form in this match as they won the match quite easily against Brighton.
  • The match started and the opening goal was scored by none other than Premier League’s top-goal scorer Mohamed Salah as he scored at the 26th
  • Salah’s goal was followed by Dejan Lovren as he struck at the 40th minute to give a 2 – 0 lead to Liverpool.
  • Brighton tried to score, but Liverpool dominated to not even let them get close for a scoring chance.
  • So, after taking the lead in the 1st half, Liverpool continued their pattern as Dominic struck eight minutes into the 2nd half to make it 3-0 for Liverpool.
  • This was not the end of it as a resilient Liverpool, continued their dominance as Andrew Robertson netted the ball at the 85th
  • In all this time, Brighton were helpless as they had only 27% possession of the ball in the whole match.
  • This was a major factor as to why they lost this match against the Reds.
  • So, Liverpool won this match and ended their season at the 4th position on the table.

Premier League Highlights Match 6 of 10:  Tottenham Vs Leicester City

Result: 5 – 4

Goal Scorers:

  • Tottenham: Harry Kane 7’, 76’, Erik Lamela 49’, 60’, Christian Fuchs 53’
  • Leicester City: Jamie Vardy 4’, 73’, Riyad Mahrez 16’, Kelechi Iheanacho 47’


  • This was the most exciting match of today as it was a goal-fest. Both teams shared 9 goals between them as Tottenham emerged as the winner.
  • Tottenham needed this win if they wanted to finish 3rd on the Premier League table and it was Leicester City who stood in their way.
  • So, the match started and early goals began to happen as each side scored within the first 10 minutes.
  • Jamie Vardy of Leicester City opened the scoring at the 4th minute with a fitting reply from Tottenham’s leading goal-scorer Harry Kane who scored the equalizer 3 minutes later.
  • After that both teams continued their attacks as Riyad Mahrez of Leicester City succeeded in scoring at the 16th minute to make it 2-1.
  • Apart from this no goals were scored in the 1st half as Leicester City dominated this half to take the lead. Now the 2nd half started and Tottenham needed to make a comeback.
  • However, before Tottenham could do anything Leicester City’s Kelechi Iheanacho struck at the 47th minute to give his team a 2-goal lead over Tottenham.
  • But, Erik Lamela wasn’t going to hold anything back as he netted the ball at the 49th minute to make it 2-3.
  • Now came the unluckiest part of this whole match as Leicester City’s Christian Fuchs scored an own goal at the 53rd minute and scores were now level.
  • Both teams now needed to score to take the lead and it was Erik Lamela of Tottenham who struck his 2nd goal in the match to make it 4-3.
  • But, the match wasn’t finished yet as Jamie Vardy of Leicester City also netted his 2nd goal of the match to equalize the goals once again.
  • However, Tottenham found the X factor in their striker Harry Kane who scored the final goal of this match at the 76th minute to seal it for Tottenham.
  • As, after this goal Leicester City could not score a single goal and Tottenham won the match and finished 3rd position in the Premier League table.

Premier League Highlights Match 7 of 10:  Manchester United Vs Watford

Result: 1 – 0

Goal Scorers:

  • Manchester United: Marcus Rashford 34’


  • Having already cemented their 2nd position in the premier league, the Red devils were looking to end their campaign with a win.
  • On the other hand, Watford were also looking for a win to end a disappointing premier league season.
  • So, the 1st half started and surprisingly, Watford looked quite competitive as they didn’t allow Manchester United to dominate over them.
  • But, this did not stop United as Marcus Rashford who had been given very few chances this season, struck at the 34th minute to put United in the driving seat.
  • Watford, on the other hand could not manage to score an equalizer as the 1st half came to an end.
  • The 2nd half was not eventful, as no goals were scored by either teams in this playtime and the match came to an end with United it.
  • Although, there was not much of a difference in possession, Watford were quite resilient in their defense as they only allowed United to score 1 goal.

Premier League Highlights Match 8 of 10:  Crystal Palace Vs West Brom

Result: 2 – 0

Goal Scorers:

  • Crystal Palace: Wilfried Zaha 70’, Patrick Van Aanholt 78’


  • This was a brilliant chance for West Brom to not end at the last of the premier league table if they managed to win this match against Crystal Palace.
  • But, it did not happen as Crystal Palace won the match quite comfortably in the end.
  • No goals were scored in the 1st half of the match as both teams tried their scoring shots at each other goals.
  • West Brom showed a little spark in the 1st half and although they did not score like their opponents in the 1st half, however they also took a few shots at Crystal Palace’s goal posts.
  • The 2nd half went underway as both teams were looking to score the opening goal of this match.
  • And as expected it, was Crystal Palace who scored the opening goal to take the lead in the match.
  • Not much time had passed after Wilfried Zaha’s goal when Patrick van Aanholt struck another goal at the 78th minute to give a 2-goal lead to his team.
  • West Brom tried their best but weren’t able to score even a single goal in this match as Crystal Palace won their last Premier league match of this season.

Premier League Highlights Match 9 of 10:  Newcastle Vs Chelsea

Result: 3 – 0

Goal Scorers:

  • Newcastle: Dwight Gayle 23’, Ayoze Perez 59’, 63’


  • The result of this match wasn’t going to bother Chelsea as they would finish 5th on the premier league table.
  • However, they also wanted to win this match but Newcastle did not allow them to do so as Chelsea lost in the last match of their premier league season.
  • Chelsea had a slight advantage of possession in the whole match but it was their lack of shots at their opposition’s goal that lost them the match.
  • Newcastle, on the other hand did not shy away to play aggressively and they got the reward as Dwight Gayle netted the ball at the 23rd minute to put his team in the driving seat.
  • The 1st concluded with Newcastle in the lead. The 2nd started and a much similar play was seen by Newcastle as two consecutive goals were scored by Ayoze Perez to take the lead to 3 – 0.
  • Chelsea had no answer to Newcastle’s brilliance as they lost the match without even scoring a goal in this match.
  • Meanwhile, Newcastle ended their premier league campaign on the 10th position in the premier league table.

Premier League Highlights Match 10 of 10:  Stokes City Vs Swansea City

Result: 2 – 1

Goal Scorers:

  • Stokes City: Badou Ndiaye 31’, Peter Crouch 41’
  • Swansea City: Andy King 14’


  • Stokes City had already been relegated from the Premier League but they were still looking for a win in this match.
  • Swansea City lost the match and also got relegated after their seven-year stay in the Premier League.
  • Although, the scoring was opened by Swansea City in the 1st half as Andy King struck in the 14th minute, however it was of little help.
  • As, Stoke City’s Badou Ndiaye scored at the 31st minute to level the scoreboard. And after 10 minutes Peter Crouch scored as Stokes City took the lead.
  • And the 1st half came to an end with no further goals being scored by either side.
  • The 2nd half was a much tighter one in terms of defense but Swansea City could not score any goals in this half.
  • Stokes City also didn’t score, but they didn’t have to as they won the match quite easily in the end.

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