The Premier League management has asked the teams to restart their team practices from Monday, 18 May, however, under strict restrictions and guidelines.

Guidelines have been sent to each team and some SOPs-Special Operating Procedures have been made a compulsion. The measures mentioned include:

  • Regular temperature checking of each player and to have regular tests for the presence of corona virus.
  • A register for tracking the results must also be maintained.
  • A pre-training questionnaire, which has to be taken before every session, has also been added to the list of guidelines.
  • All equipment involved in each practice session must be disinfected before and after each session.
  • Even the pitch surfaces must be disinfected to minimize the risk of the virus to its lowest.
  • Each training session will now be reduced to a period of 75 minutes.
  • Players have also been asked to not share any transport, to and from the training ground.
  • The gathering of players in communal areas such as gyms and medical rooms must also be limited.

The PFA-Professional Football Association and the LMS-League Managers’ Association are set to meet in a conference scheduled on Wednesday, 13 May 2020. They shall be consulting medical consultants regarding the protocols in this meeting. They might also have a session the next day, with the Premier League’s administration to discuss how the protocols shall be applied.

Other than this, the UEFA has a deadline ending on the first of June, for the Leagues to submit their plans on how to restart their respective seasons. As far as the Premier League is concerned, the administration is aiming to restart their season on the 12th of June this year. They hope they shall get a date to recommence by the government in the first week of June.


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