As the world is facing another attack of the Covid 19, so are the football players and clubs.

The Premier League which has 20 Football Clubs as its members announced that during the last week, 103 positive COVID-19 cases were found among players and staff in the Premier League, which is the highest per week record. – Facebook

The League management is an official statement said, “The League can today confirm that between Monday 20 December and Sunday, 26th December, 15,186 COVID-19 tests were administered on players and club staff. Of these, there were 103 new positive cases.”

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As the case figures have gradually increased during the recent weeks with 42 positive cases during 6th-12th December and 90 testing positive between 13th-19th December.

August to Present – Weekly Test Results

2-8 Aug 3,118 tested; 9 positive
9-15 Aug 3,231 tests; 11 positive
16-22 Aug 3,060 tests; 16 positive
23-29 Aug 3,020 tests; six positive
30-5 Sep 1,952 tests; two positive
6-12 Sep 3,039 tests; three positive
13-19 Sep 3,154 tests; two positive
20-26 Sep 3,010 tests; one positive
27-3 Oct 2,927 tests; four positive
4-10 Oct 1,696 tests; zero positive
11-17 Oct 3,044 tests; six positive
18-24 Oct 3,209 tests; four positive
25-31 Oct 3,006 tests; four positive
1-7 Nov 2,953 tests; three positive
8-14 Nov 1,647 tests; four positive
15-21 Nov 3,188 tests; six positive
22-28 Nov 3,379 tests; seven positive
29 Nov-5 Dec 3,154 tests; 12 positive
6-12 Dec 3,805 tests; 42 positive
13-19 Dec 12,345 tests; 90 positive

20-26 Dec 15,186; 105 positive

In view of this upsurge, the Premier League has had to postpone 15 games at various clubs.

The League has reverted to its Emergency Measures, as the safety of all personnel is a priority and all precautionary measures are being taken by the Premier League to control the impact of Omicron the latest variant of COVID-19.

As precautionary measure the testing has been increased of players and club staff to daily lateral flow and twice-weekly PCR tests, having previously carried out lateral-flow testing twice a week.  

The League is continuing to work with clubs to keep people safe and maintain close liaison with the Government, local authorities and supporter groups.

The Premier League is also keeping public informed on weekly basis by providing this aggregated information for the purposes of competition integrity and transparency. However, no specific details as to clubs or individuals will be provided by the League.


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