Karachi: When a world renowned karate star feels that Pakistanis have a very tangible edge over others in the sport, one can’t help but take notice. This revelation was made by the 2004 kata world champion Katsutoshi Shiina, who recently visited Karachi to impart his knowledge among the city’s karate enthusiasts.

Katsutoshi Shiina
Katsutoshi Shiina Training Youngsters In Karachi

Shiina said that Pakistani people have long arms and legs. They are very flexible too, like rubber so they have a lot of potential to compete internationally. Pakistanis are more physically blessed than Japanese people, and if the aspiring athletes here continue to train diligently they can go places.


A 7th Dan certified coach with the Japanese Karate Association, Shiina was also mildly surprised by the number of karate practitioners and the sport’s popularity in Karachi; the City of Lights is home to some 40,000 karatekas, per the Japanese Consulate.


The karate craze isn’t just limited to Karachi, but is a worldwide phenomenon ,large enough to rival some of the planet’s biggest sports, claims Shiina.