Islamabad Jinns emerged as the new National Rugby Champion 2016 in 4th Servis Tyres  Rugby League consisting of 15 sides. Army could not retain their title this year. A thrilling game of rugby was played at Pakistan Rugby Academy Lahore Cantt ,witnessed by a large crowd, while millions watched via the Live telecast at PTV Sports .

Group photograph of the players and PRU official.

Spectators watched an enthralling final between Islamabad Jinns and Army. Islamabad was coming to this game remaining unbeaten throughout the tournament while for Army , it was a must-win  to retain their last year’s title. But Islamabad’s defence didn’t allow Army players to score freely and  both of team had scored 6 goals each when the official time was over.

From Islamabad, Bilal Khan scored two penalty tries while for Army , Fayyaz Dogar and Ramzan scored one penalty try each.  Overall ,Islamabad played 8 matches in league , won 7 and drew one last game , so they were declared winners with 22 points.  Army played total 8 matches , on 6 , lost one game against Islamabad and drew the final game with the same  so they got 19 points , thus positioned No.2 in the tournament.

LRFC lost a match against Lahore Hawks on Sunday , played prior to the final, and were positioned No. 3 in points table , as they won 3 games and  lost 4. Lahore Hawks won 2 games , and took 4th position while DHA got to No. 5 position . DHA team has been relegated for next year down to Div 2 while Div two winners Lodhran Spartans qualified for Div 1 for the next year’s League.