Finals of SICAS Inter School/Collegiate Tennis Championship 2018 will be played on 6th April, Friday at 4.30 pm on the Punjab Lawn tennis Courts Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore.

 In Under 18 Boys:

  • 1st semifinal Bilal Asim of LGS beat Hassan Ali of Native School System by 7-5.
  • 2nd semifinal Hamza Jawad of American Lyctef beat Muhammad Huzaifa of LGS by 6-2

Before semifinals quarterfinals was played in which:

  • Hassan Ali beat Harris Wahala by 6-2
  • Bilal Asim beat Hashim Ali by 6-4
  • Muhammad Huzaifa beat Abdul Hanan Khan by 6-2
  • Hamza Jawad beat Zain Ch by 6-1

In Girls Under 18

  • 1st semifinal Nida Akram Lahore College for Women beat Mahnoor Govt. Lady Macqlarin High School by 6-1
  • 2nd semifinal Zahra Suleman of DHA Senior School for Girls beat Malika Malik GLGS by 6-1

Before Semifinals:

  • 1st Quarterfinal Nida Akram beat Khadija by 6-0
  • Mahnoor beat Alina Nasim by 6-2
  • Zahra Suleman beat Ayesha Asim by 6-1
  • Malika Malik beat Ayesha  by 6-3

In under 14 Boys:

  • 1st Semifinal Bilal Asim beat Muhammad Harris Wahla by 6-3
  • 2nd Semifinal will be played

In Quarterfinals:

  • Bilal Asim beat Muahmmad Harris Wahala by 6-4
  • Bilal Asim beat Ahtesham Arif by 6-2
  • Shaeel Tahir beat Hamza Jawad by 6-3
  • Hassan Ali beat  Haider Ali Rizwan 6-2

In Under 14 Girls:

  • 1st Seminfinal Zahra Suleman beat Haleema Sajjad by 6-0
  • Aqsa Akram beat Atifila Arif by 6-4.

In Boys/ Girls  under 12:

  • 1st Semifinal  Shaheel Tahir beat Hamaza Ali Rizwan by 6-1
  • 2nd semifinals will be played

In Quarterfinals:

  • Bilal Asim beat Abubaker Khalil by 6-0
  • Haider Ali  Rizwan beat Asad by 7-6
  • Hamza Ali Rizwan beat Ahtesham Arif by 6-1
  • Shaheel Tahir beat Husnanin Ali Rizwan. by 6-3 

In Boys / Girls Under 10:

  • 1st Semifinl Ahtesham Humyun beat Abdullah Sajjad by 6-0
  • 2nd Semifinal Hamaza Ali Rizwan beat Asad by 6-4

In Quarterfinals:

  • Ahtesham Humayun beat Labika Durrab by 6-4
  • Abdullah Sajjad beat Aqsa Akram by 6-3
  • Asad beat Ameer Mizari by 6-2
  • Hamaza Ali Rizwan beat Rai Waleed Bhatti by 6-2


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