ITC Tennis League is being organized and around 35 matches were played on the 1st day of the weekend league.


BOYS & GIRLS U-10 (Round Robin Matches)
Amir Masood bt Ayesha Masood 5-3; Behroze Maimoon Bt Wishal Arshad 4-1; Ayesha Masood Bt Wishal
Arshad 4-0; Zahra Khan Bt Arshman Maqsood 4-2; Amir Masood Bt Arshman Maqsood 4-2; Zahra Khan
Bt Wishal Arshad 4-0; Behroze Maimoon Bt Ayesha Masood 5-4(6).

BOYS & GIRS U-12 (Round Robin Matches)
Lalarukh Sajid Bt Uzair Maqsood 5-1;
BOYS & GIRLS U-14 (Round Robin Matches)
Sameer Maqsood Bt Ammar Masood 6-4; Hassan Usmani Bt Sameer Maqsood 5-1; Hassan Usmani Bt
LalaRukh Sajid 5-0; Ammar Masood Bt Lalarukh sajid 5-0.

Participants of ITC Islamabad Tennis League: 2021-50th Week; Day 1 – Allsportspk

BOYS & GIRLS U-16 (Round Robin Matches)
Sameer Kiyani Bt Hassan Usmani 5-1; Hamza Hussain Bt Abdul Wasay 5-0; Salaar Bt Hamza Hussain 5-0;
Hassan Usmani bt Hamza Hussain 5-2.

BOYS & GIRLS OVER 16 (Round Robin Matches)
Abdullah Bt Azeena Aleem 5-2; Yawar Ali Bt Sahar Aleem 5-3; Hamza Ul Zuhair Bt Haseeb Raja 5-3; Umer
Masood Bt Sameer Kiyani 5-4(3); Salaar Bt Haziq Aasim 5-1; Umer Masood Bt Hamza Ul Zuhair 5-3;
Abdullah Bt Haseeb raja 5-0; Abdullah Bt Sahar Aleem 5-2; Umer Masood Bt Haseeb Raja 5-2; Yawar Ali
Bt Azeena Aleem 5-0; Salaar Bt Sahar Aleem 5-0; Sameer Kiyani Bt Azeena Aleem 5-2; Yawar Ali Bt
Haseeb Raja 5-0; Haziq Aasim Bt Hamza Ul Zuhair 5-2; Salaar Bt Sameer Kiyani 5-2; Abdullah Bt Ahmed
Murad 5-0; Umer Masood Bt Ahmed Murad 5-2; Haziq Aasim Bt Sameer Kiyani 5-3; Salaar Bt Hamza Ul
Zuhair 5-0; Umer Masood Bt Salaar 5-2.


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