ITC- Islamabad Tennis Complex, tennis league final round robin matches were completed and following are the results with positions.

Final Results:

Boys & Girls Over-16 (Round Robin): Azeena Aleem Bt Hamza Ul Zuhair 5-2; Abdullah Bt Sehar Aleem 5-1; Yawar Ali Bt Sehar Aleem 5-1; Umer Masood Bt Azeena Aleem 5-1; Sehar Aleem Bt Hamza Ul Zuhiar 5-1; Yawar Ali Bt Abdullah 5-1.

Positions: 1. Yawar Ali 2. Abdullah 3. Umer Masood

U-10 Boys & Girls (Round Robin): Ayesha Masood Bt Arshman Maqsood 4-0; Amir Masood Bt Wishal Arshad 4-0; Arashman Maqsood Bt Fatima Maqsood 4-0; Ayesha Masood Bt Moin Uddin 4-0; Amir Masood Bt Amna Maqsood 4-0;
Arshman Maqsood Bt Wishal Arshad 4-1; Ayesha Masood Bt Fatima Maqsood 4-0; Amir Masood Bt Fatima Maqsood 4-0; Behroze Maimoon Bt Moin Uddin 4-2; Arshman Maqsood Bt Amna Maqsood 4-0; Moin Uddin Bt Amna Maqsood 4-1; Ayesha Masood Bt Behroze Maimoon 5-4(5); Behroze Maimoon Bt Wishal Arshad 4-0.

Positions: 1. Ayesha Masood 2. Behroze Maimoon 3. Aamir Masood

U-12 Boys & Girls (Round Robin): Sameer Maqsood Bt Uzair Maqsood 5-0

Positions: 1. Abdul Wasay 2. Sameer Maqsood 3. Uzair Maqsood

Boys & Girls U-14 (Round Robin): Ammar Masood Bt Abdul Wasay 5-3

Positions: 1. Ammar Masood 2. Abdul Wasay 3. Sameer Maqsood