Kabbadi Pakistan – Revisited: National Wrestling Championship ’18


Sarsabz National Wrestling Championship


1st & 2nd December, 2018


Pakistan Army & WAPDA



Sarsabz Fertilizer sponsored the biggest wrestling championship in the city which was an event that brought back the sport from its end point to its resurgence. The event earmarked the revival of the sport in the city.

This was mat based pro-wrestling carried out between teams from different organizations around Pakistan which included Army, Navy, SSGC, WAPDA and etc. The event also included some international level competitors who were invited as part of the revival process.

Pro wrestling is deeply rooted in the culture of Multan and Pakistan. The ‘the city of saints’ is well renowned for not just its dated history for the saints but in fact sports like wrestling is a big part of its culture. Multan used to be the hub for wrestling but not the case now. Many revitalization efforts have gone into vain for the dying sport in the region until it was brought back to the city of Multan with a huge championship event with the help of Sarsabz Fertilizers.

Wrestling as a sport is where people from all the areas of Pakistan can connect with. It is deeply rooted within our culture and our farmer community holds it dearly close to their heart. Sarsabz found it as an avenue to connect with its farmers and provide them with the entertainment that they hold dearly to their hearts. Sarsabz aspires to be a farmer’s best friend giving them with what they love the most in their free time. Sarsabz is trying to help their farmers not just in their daily lives but wants to provide a complete solution to their life and become a partner in their needs.

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