LAHORE: On Day 5 three matches took place and the Semi Finalists were decided, which includes: Iran, India, Pakistan and Australia.

The overview of each matches was as follows:

As expected Pakistan outplayed comparatively inexperienced Australian Kabaddi team by 62-25 in a Pool ‘B’ match and booked a place in the semifinal on the 5th day of Kabaddi World Cup 2020 at Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad.

In Pool ‘A’, India grabbed the top spot by defeating Iran by 50-39 and confirmed their place in the last 4 stage of Kabaddi World Cup. Iran and Australia are the other two teams who reached the semifinals from Pool A and B respectively. 

Match 11 – Pakistan Vs Australia Match

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Kabbadi World Cup ’20-Pakistan: Day 5 match between Pakistan Vs Australia – Courtesy: PSB

Pakistan chose to raid first after winning the toss against Australia. Pakistan raiders skipper Irfan Mana, Lala Obaidullah, Kaleemullah  Jatt, Bilal Mohsin Dhillon were in best form and scored valuable points against Australia. On the other hand, Pakistan stoppers Musharraf Janjua, Shani Basra and Zafar Iqbal and their teammates exhibited similar form during the comfortable victory of their team. 

Best Raider: Pakistan captain Irfan Mana and Bilal Mohsin Dhillon shared the award of best raider.

Top Stopper: Shani Basra earned the distinction.

Match 12 – India Vs Iran Match

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Kabbadi World Cup ’20-Pakistan: Day 5 match between India Vs Iran – Courtesy: PSB

Earlier, after winning the toss, defending champions India maintained their supremacy against strong Iran team winning a tense clash by 50-39. Players from both the sides exhibited top class kabaddi during the tough contest. In the first half, Iranian players managed to carry their points parallel to India at 26-23, however, India widened the points gap in the second half and ultimately won the mach by 50-39. 

India’s Deepak Kashi, Navjot Singh Jota, Vinay Khatri and Arsh Jhola remained prominent performers for the victorious team while Mesal Qamri, Mustafa Saadqi and Ameer Muhammadi accumulated valuable points for their team.  

It is pertinent to mention here that players of both the teams competed without shirts in the second half following a controversy. The jury ordered the players to play match without shirts on the request of Iranian players. 

Best Raider: India’s Vinay Khatri

Best Stopper: Iran’s Arsh Jhola 

Match 13 – Germany Vs Sierra Leone

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Kabbadi World Cup ’20-Pakistan: Day 5 match between Germany Vs Sierra Leone- Courtesy: PSB

Though Sierra Leone won the toss against Germany but they lost their match badly by 43-14. Strong German team dominated their opponents in both raiding and stopping departments throughout the match.

Best Raider: Germany’s Manpreet Singh

Best Stopper: Kuldeep Singh

Schedule of Feb 14 Matches: 

Two more Kabaddi World Cup matches will be played at Zahoor Elahi Stadium in Gujrat on Feb 14, 2020. Pakistan will face Azerbaijan in the first match at 2.30pm while the second match will be played between India and England at 3.45pm on the 6th day activity of grand kabaddi event. 

Day 5 – Kabaddi World Cup Points Table 

Pool A 

Teams              P          W         L          Pts 

India                 3          3          -           6 

Iran                   4          3          1          6 

Germany          4          2          2          4 

England            3          1          2          2 

Sierra Leone    4          -           4          0 

Pool B 

Pakistan            2          2          -           4 

Australia           3          2          1          4 

Canada             3          1          2          2 

Azerbaijan       2          -           2          0