In a 15 pair arena, the highly rated Pair of Tehsin Gheewala and Hasan Askari playing some finely tuned Pairs Bridge rocketed to the top in the Friday Pairs held on 19th May at the Aslam Bridge Hall. They beat all others in a thumbs up partnership that netted 69.05% which was far too high for the Runners up pair of Hussain Jaffar and Tanvir Mazahir who could only manage a score of 57.14%. The third place was taken up by the pair of Gulzar Bilal and Farukh Liaqat who scored 56.35%.
 KBA ‘s next Team Event is on Sunday 21st May at the Aslam Bridge Hall at 3 p.m. sharp.
The KBA Management in order to promote bridge especially among the young Pakistanis organizes weekly events in venues which include Karachi Gymkhana, Karachi Club, Defence Club or Golf Club or at Aslam Hall.

Besides the weekly events, annually there are two major Pairs & Teams events each at Karachi Club and Karachi Gymkhana. In addition, KBA also conducts a couple of preliminary Open Trials for selecting a team for international participation and Finals of All Pakistan National Trials under Pakistan Bridge Federation.

Allsportpk as part of its policy to support any activity which helps to develop mental discipline will be providing regular coverage to all such events. If any who desire to learn bridge are encouraged to contact KBA Management Team for lessons and training sessions via email address: