#2 Better Use Of Ageing Stars

Vitor Belfort celebrates winning the Heavyweight Tournament at UFC 12

The utilization of maturing warriors in MMA has been a question mark for quite a while, going back to the mid-2000’s when pioneers like Ken Shamrock and Don Frye started to achieve the finish of their professions.

Is it better for an advancement to keep on working around the more established contenders – frequently coordinating them against each other – or is it better for an advancement to regard them as they would be in ace wrestling – fundamentally name rivals to “put over” more youthful warriors?

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The UFC unmistakably trusts that the last is the better methodology, and regularly, it’s worked splendidly for them. Legends like Matt Hughes, BJ Penn and Tito Ortiz all lost to more youthful warriors as they achieved the finish of their UFC vocations – Penn keeps on doing as such.

While additionally down the card, maturing contenders like Thiago Alves and Carlos Condit are regularly coordinated with energizing newcomers to give the prospect a prevail upon a major name.

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Bellator, then again, will in general go for the previous methodology. This year alone we’ve seen a lot of battles that would be viewed as a major aspect of MMA’s “senior circuit” – Frank Mir versus Fedor Emelianenko, Chael Sonnen versus Frenzy Jackson, and Jackson versus Wanderlei Silva – and keeping in mind that they frequently rustle up attention for the advancement, do they truly encourage the item?

By and by I do not feel that they do. The fans may tune in for these enormous names, however Bellator’s to some degree self-assertive booking implies that they do not regularly get on the capable prospects that the advancement additionally houses.

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Essentially, Bellator’s reserving of its maturing warriors implies that those legends are the main ones who truly get any exposure.

The UFC’s utilization of its maturing stars is in this way far more quick witted – and enables them to consistently construct more current prospects to supplant them as they resign. Whenever Fedor, Sonnen et cetera are gone, who will Bellator use to offer their shows?

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