#4 Roster Depth


The greatest contrast between the UFC and Bellator must be the UFC’s prevalent list profundity. Indeed, the WME-IMG-possessed advancement might have lost some enormous name free specialists to their opponents in the course of recent years, however reasonably, have any semblance of Rory MacDonald, Gegard Mousasi or Ryan Bader truly been missed? By bad-to-the-bone fans possibly, yet else, they are only a bunch of names that never again contend in the Octagon.

The UFC’s Lightweight, Welterweight and Bantamweight divisions are as of now as stacked as they’ve at any point been, and keeping in mind that Light-Heavyweight is somewhat of a no man’s land at the moment, dislike Bellator’s list at 205lbs is any better. Basically, the UFC has Bellator bested in actually every division.

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While that will be required because of the UFC’s size in contrast with Bellator, there is likewise something to be said for Scott Coker’s special strategies with regards to marking free operators.

It regularly feels like he will make a move for any accessible semi-enormous name, and keeping in mind that that is reinforced the list to some degree, numerous fans – myself included – feel he had be in an ideal situation concentrating on one or possibly two divisions, best case scenario as far as new signings.

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That would possibly enable him to construct a division to equal the UFC’s in a similar weight class, however for the present, the UFC’s list profundity remains massively better than Bellator’s – and enables them to display a predominant item.

For the #3 reason as to why the UFC remains a far better advancement than Bellator, move on to the next page!

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