#4 Cain Velasquez vs. Brock Lesnar – UFC 121


A few experts would contend with calling Brock Lesnar an “extraordinary UFC champion”, as there is a reasonable contention to propose he never genuinely earned a title shot in any case because of battling Randy Couture with only a 1-1 Octagon record.

Lesnar thumped Couture out to win the title, however, and the insights certainly propose he could be viewed as an incredible hero. Until the rule of Stipe Miocic from 2016 to 2018, Lesnar mutually held the record for best Heavyweight title resistances with 2, overcoming considerable adversaries in Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.

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Notwithstanding what you feel about ‘The Beast Incarnate’ however, one thing is irrefutable – that the beating Cain Velasquez put on him to take his title away was one of the nastiest in the historical backdrop of the Heavyweight division.

Coming into the battle, the fanbase had all the earmarks of being part regarding who might win – some agreeing with the challenger’s prevalent striking and cardio, others supporting Lesnar’s size, control and as far as anyone knows better wrestling amusement.

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Lesnar did for sure bring Velasquez down ahead of schedule, however it was the main achievement he found in the battle. The challenger rapidly made it back to his feet, and from that point he hit his own takedown on Lesnar and started to release some immense punches that had the boss actually lurching and turning around the confine.

Lesnar in the end disintegrated under Velasquez’s punching power, and was TKO’d towards the finish of the first round – being left with a slice under his left eye that seemed as though it had been made with a cleaver. For the fans who disdained Brock, this was moment karma – a staggering beatdown to thump him off his roost at the highest point of the Heavyweight mountain.

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