#1 Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey – UFC 193


In 2015, there was no denying who the greatest star in MMA was – UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. She had approached the UFC from StrikeForce in 2013 as their supreme hero, and quickly reeled off a unimaginable 6 title barriers, with 5 of those battles finishing off with the first round and 3 of them finishing off with the main moment.

Her horrible completing aptitudes combined with her great looks and electric identity made her the UFC’s greatest illustration card, however few individuals could’ve anticipated how sudden – and hard – her defeat would be.

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Having beaten the larger part of her division, Rousey was coordinated with previous expert boxer Holly Holm in the headliner of the UFC’s first outing to Melbourne, Australia.

Holm was 2-0 in the UFC, however had not generally persuaded in her wins, and the inclination was that she was essentially another warm body for ‘Unruly Ronda’ to submit.

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Amazingly however, that was not the situation by any stretch of the imagination. The battle ended up being the most noticeably awful conceivable style coordinate for Rousey, as Holm played the bullfighter to the victor’s bull to flawlessness.

Rousey’s cruder strikes could not draw near to Holm’s pinpoint shots, and notwithstanding when the champ anchored a takedown, Holm could get away.

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In spite of losing the first round, despite everything it came as an aggregate stunner when Rousey still kept on charging like a bull in the second, swinging wild punches that essentially were not near getting Holm.

Seconds after the fact, the battle was finished. Holm associated with an awful left head kick that would proceed to be replayed a huge number of times over the world – and the prevailing victor was left oblivious.

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Rousey’s surprising reign as Bantamweight champion had been finished in the most rough way that could be available, and she never recuperated from the devastating annihilation – taking a year off before losing to new boss Amanda Nunes in similarly fierce form. This was an annihilation both stunning and awful in equivalent measure.

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