Martial Arts – UFC: Hugely Overrated Fights Of All Time


The UFC is the world’s greatest MMA advancement and clearly, they must have the capacity to offer the battles that they put on to the fans. Normally, this implies building up battles up by means of commencement appears, pre-coordinate recordings, and such.

How often have we heard any semblance of Joe Rogan, Jimmy Smith and Dana White himself offering battles as “the greatest battle in UFC history” or “firecrackers ensured” et cetera? Gratefully however, more often than not huge UFC battles really convey.

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Lamentably however, here and there enormous battles basically don’t satisfy the pre-battle publicity given to them by the UFC machine.

Regardless of whether this is on account of they were never prone to be great in any case, or in light of the fact that they essentially ended up being a terrible style coordinate, the accompanying 5 battles are models of huge UFC battles that were just overhyped.

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#5 Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock


The fight between UFC stars Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock is without a doubt a standout amongst the most imperative in limited time history. Starting path back at UFC 19 when Ortiz beat Shamrock understudy Guy Mezger and afterward flipped Ken off, the ill will finished at UFC 40 – the Zuffa-period UFC’s first effective pay-per-view – and the battle conveyed gigantically as Shamrock indicated huge heart, however went down to Ortiz after the third round.

No one extremely expected to see a rematch around four years after the fact, particularly as Shamrock had lost his past two battles in truly terrible design to Rich Franklin and Kazushi Sakuraba. Be that as it may, he was edgy for requital and Ortiz was eager to oblige. Thus the UFC’s promotion machine kicked into overdrive.

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The two men were declared as the mentors for the third period of The Ultimate Fighter – back when fans still thought about the show – and had slanging matches, pull-separated fights, and even an odd round of pool to construct their battle, which was planned for UFC 61.

When the show arrived, the fans had purchased the publicity, millions checked out watch and even UFC broadcaster Mike Goldberg was hollering about what it looked like Shamrock had some sort of mystery blueprint that would enable him to crush ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’.

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Be that as it may, that was not the situation. Ortiz brought Shamrock down with a body pummel and started to hit him with overwhelming elbows from the protect. Official Herb Dean chose Shamrock was not protecting, and the battle was ceased after a little more than a moment of activity.

More regrettable was to come as Shamrock jumped to his feet to challenge the stoppage, making the group rain boos down onto the Octagon. The primary battle between the two was to some degree uneven, yet this was basically a wreck, and it in a flash flattened the enormous promotion going into the show – publicity that most likely should not have been justified in any case.

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