#2 Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen


A standout amongst the most advertised battles of 2013, Jon Jones versus Chael Sonnen presumably ought to never have been made in any case. The starting points were abnormal in themselves – basically, Jones was set to battle Dan Henderson at UFC 151 with the Light-Heavyweight title on hold, yet when Henderson ran down with knee damage, Sonnen offered to venture in on around seven days’ notice.

Jones level out declined the late change and to Dana White’s dismay, the entire card must be dropped. Jones proceeded to safeguard his title against Vitor Belfort half a month later, however his notoriety was filthy – to a great extent in light of his refusal to battle Sonnen, a characteristic Middleweight who had no planning time.

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Due in no little part to Sonnen’s verbal capacities, the UFC immediately locked onto the point that Jones was some way or another hesitant to battle ‘The American Gangster’, and expeditiously marked a battle between the two for mid 2013. Also, normally, they swung to their most established trap – making the two men mentors of The Ultimate Fighter to construct their quarrel.

The season was a really OK one and if nothing else, it upgraded Sonnen’s notoriety for being a conceivably incredible mentor. In any case, in spite of giving a huge amount of promotion, it could not conceal reality – that the battle itself was somewhat of a joke as it was probably going to be uneven for Jones.

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Beyond any doubt enough, Jones crushed Sonnen in a basic design, bringing him down effortlessly and finishing the battle by means of TKO in the first round – notwithstanding enduring a gnarly broken toe all the while. Be that as it may, the promotion had evidently done what was necessary – the show sold 530,000 pay-per-view purchases, getting to be one of the more effective cards of 2013.

All things considered, the fans that arranged the show most likely left away to some degree disillusioned in the event that they’d expected the war that the publicity bundles guaranteed. This was a squash coordinate taking on the appearance of a bit of incredible matchmaking – verbal publicity from Sonnen that did not satisfy at last.

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