Hungry: At the end of Day 2, competitive games took place at the FINA Men’s Water Polo World League Super Final 2018, being held in Budapest, Hungary till 23rd June. The major upset of the day was World Champions Croatia having been beaten by Spain.

Provisional Group Standings

Group A:

1. Montenegro 6, 2. Hungary 3, 3. Australia 3, 4. Japan 0

Group B:

1. United States 6, 2. Croatia 4, 3. Spain 2, 3. Kazakhstan 0

Game 1:
The Australians easily beat Japan. In the start Australia took a 4-1 lead mainly due to superb performance of Aaron Younger who scored a hat-trick. A 3-4 goals lead was maintained throughout the game.

Game 2:
The second game was the main upset of the Super FInal. The reigning World Champions Croatia lost to Spain. The Spaniards had a great game in the second period, due to which they with a fast paced play went ahead and maintained the lead. However, they were not able to score during the last period which cost them one point.  Whereas, because of a late equaliser Croatia managed to take the the game into a shootout. Dani Lopez, the Spanish goalkeeper having made two stops caused the major upset as the World Champions lost.

Game 3:
An impressive match was played between Montenegro and Hungary. It was  entertaining continuously for three periods, especially for the home crowd. The fourth period was rather dry as only one goal was scored by Montenegro. They led 7-9 in the third period but were unable to score any more, whereas their rivals scored a 5-0 rush, won the match.

Game 4:
The last game was rather less exciting as the USA team was moreover in total control. The game outcome was moreover known at the end of the third period as USA were 8-2 as they netted three goals in 1:43 minutes.

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