The Formula 1 Constructors Mercedes and Honda claimed 2 spots each in top 5 positions during the 2nd practice session of the Tuscan GP Grand Prix 2020. The races were held at 3.28 mile long Mugello track.

The main Tuscan Grand Prix 2020 is set to be held on 13th September at same track.

Mercedes and Honda Positions:

1. Valterri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton driving Mercedes led the practice race with timing of 1:16.989s and 1:17.196s. Valterri Bottas had set a historic record of racing the Mugello track in record time – 1 minute 16.989 seconds.

2. Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon drove Honda to claim 3rd and 4th positions with timing of 1:17.235s and 1:17.971s respectively for Team Red Bull Racing.

Daniel Ricciardo driving Renault was at 5th slot with 1:18.039s time.


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