Lewis Hamilton accepted the responsibility for penalty during the Italian Grand Prix held at the Monza track on 6th September.

His fault was that he entered the pit lane for tyre change while lane was closed. It was during the final corner Parabolica of the lap.

He did not see 2 light boards outside of the corner. His teammates Mercedes engineers also did not notice message on timing screens saying the pit lane had been closed.

Penalty imposed on him was 10-second-stop-and-go. But penalty dropped him behind other drivers and he lost the race and was at position 7 while his teammate was at position 5.

According to his understanding ‘Stop-and-go penalty would be applied if you had done something intentional or driving dramatically you had put someone in danger’.

As a result of this penalty Hamilton was left behind many drivers. Pierre Gasly won the Italian GP 2020 for Team Alpha Tauri.

The Runner up was Carlos Sainz of the Team McLaren. Lance Stroll won the 3rd position for Team Racing Point.


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