The new height of Mount Qomolangma, normally called Mount Everest, is expected to be announced soon, possibly Tuesday.

It is expected that China and Nepal, where the tallest mountain crosses, are expected to collectively announce an agreed measurement of the world’s highest peak.

Based on the 2005 survey of Chinese researchers the mountain stands at 8,844 meters, while Nepal considers the peak 3 meters taller at 8,847 meters. It is expected that in the announcement the close gap will be removed and a unified height will be announced.

During October 2019, the two countries had signed a joint understanding through which it was decided that cooperation will be promoted in various fields, such as climate change, environmental protection, collectively working on the height of Mount Everest and conducting scientific researches.

Observers stated that the research results could greatly contribute towards the study of the Earth’s geodynamic plate motion. Including the Data about snow depth, weather and wind speed will provide first-hand information for glacier research and ecological environment protection.

Already, China’s research team during May conducted seventh round of survey, which achieved multiple technological breakthroughs, including the use of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, and real-scene 3D technologies which would help obtain a reliable, accurate result and the status of natural resources on the worlds tallest mountain.