Mountain Video: Nanga Parbat – The Killer Mountain

This video was made on a trip of to the Fairy Meadows (a tourist resort) and beyond all the way to the Nanga Parbat base camp. To get there you need to hire a jeep from Raikot bridge all the way to Fairy point.

Its up to you if you want to spend one night at fairy point and head out to Fairy Meadows next morning or you could continue as its only a 2 to 3 hour trek from Fairy point to Fairy Meadows. We camped at Fairy meadows in Broad-Peak Hotel & Resorts and next morning trekked all the way to Biyal camp. After camping another night at Biyal camp, I headed out alone to the Nanaga Parbat base camp which is a good 2 hours trek all the way to the base camp across the glacier.

Overall, its a hard 35 to 40 km hike back and forth from where the jeep drops you off. Weather at Fairy Meadows and Fairy Point is quite pleasant during the summer. I slept outside of my tent in my sleeping-bag, except for the Biyal camp as it’s little windy up there and could get quite chilly at night.

Nanga Parbat at 8,126 metres (26,660 ft) is the ninth highest mountain in the world. Also known as Diamer,  Nanga Parbat is the western side of the Himalayas.

The name Nanga Parbat is taken from the words of Sanskrit language – nagna and parvata which combined mean “Naked Mountain”. As for the local name – Diamer, it is derived from Tibetan language – Diamer or Deo Mir, which means “huge mountain”.

Nanga Parbat is one of most dramatic and notoriously difficult peaks to climb. As many mountaineers have died while attempting to climb, thereby, since years it has earned the nickname “Killer Mountain.”

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