Courtesy: Summit Karakoram

According to latest update received by allsportspk the Nanga Parbat expedition will make another attempt starting tomorrow (5th July) to reach the peak.

The attempt will be made by 11 members presently based at Camp 4. The actual team consisted of 14 members out of which two have still not been found and one member from Turkey went back after coming back to the base camp on 18th June.

Allsportspk Update: 01 JULY 2017 – 3.30 PM PST   

Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, core member of the tour company which has organized the expedition while talking to allsportspk said:

  • “In sha ALLAH if tomorrow the weather is good then the 11 member team will push for the summit.”
  • “The team is presently at Camp 4 which is at 7,200m height.”
  • “They are 926m short of the peak.” (Nanga Parbat height is 8,126m).

The 14 member team had attempted to climb on 18th June. However, due to bad weather, 12 members of the team came back to the base camp while contact was lost with the two missing climbers, namely Alberto Zerain from Spanish and Mariano Galvan an Argentinian national. Despite bad climate ongoing helicopter search was done for a few days, which was finally on 1st July 2017 called off.

Exclusive Videos of Missing Mountaineers during days on Nanga Parbat Peak 

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