LAHORE: The country’s most prestigious polo tournament, the National Open Polo Championship for the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup 2018 will saddle into action from Tuesday (March 6) at the Lahore Polo Club ground and its final will played on March 18 (Sunday).

President LPC Irfan Ali Hyder explained the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup will be a two week long activity and a total of 23 matches will be played with 21 being the league games.

National Open Polo Championship 2017 won by Barry’s 11-8

On the opening day three matches will be played and the matches will start at 1 pm. In the opening match Diamond Paints will take on Master Paints/Rizvi’s, the second match will be between Newage/ Master Paints Black and Barry’s.

The seven participating teams and the respective teams are:

Diamond Paints: 

  • Mir Huzaifa Ahmed
  • Mumtaz Abbas Niazi
  • Eulogio Celestino
  • Macos Araya

Master Paints/Rizvi’s: 

  • Farooq Amin Sufi
  • Saqib Khan Khakwani
  • Hamza Mawaz Khan
  • Juan Cruz Losada

Master Paints Blacks: 

  • Sufi Mohammad Amir
  • Sufi Mohammad Haris
  • Hissam Ali Hyder
  • Gerado Mazzini


  • Nafees Barry
  • Bilal Haye
  • Ramiro Zavaleta
  • Juan Maria Ruiz (Tito)

Newage/BBJ Pipes:

  • Adnan Jalil
  • Ahmed Zubair Butt
  • Ahmed Ali Tiwana
  • Salvador Ulloa


  • Brig Zulfiqar Ali Baig
  • Maj Umer Minhas
  • Miguel Luis Duggan
  • Ignasio Negri


  • Faisal Shahzad/Irfan Sheikh
  • Salman Cheema
  • Juan Cruz Araya
  • Diego Araya


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