Water volcanic eruptions as picturised in the video seems like an artistic and graphic works. Which is not the case as it is an actual underwater volcano erupting in Indonesia.   

These natural effects in reality can have a devastating effect as can be seen in the video. Any sort of outdoor physical and sports activities can significantly be affected at the time of happening of such natural disasters and especially the aftermath of such an volcanic eruptions. As can be seen!

The video shows the digitally rendered simulation of active volcanic eruption of an active volcano. As the under water molten surface erupts, the resulting shockwave turns into a massive Tsunami wave of incredulous height of several meters, and as can be be seen that slowly heads towards the shore and sweeps the whole area, turning the shoreline buildings into a pile of rubble in a matter of mere minutes.  

It is in these times of natural disasters that we are reminded of the sheer ferocity of natural forces and reminds us that in such cases all remedies are fruitless, except praying to the Divine for help. 

As a lesson, it is safer that if one is going for a holiday trip or for a sports event or vacation, with the technology available one should research about if the destined place is prone to climatic and earthquake dangers. Thus accordingly plan!

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