Three days trials to select a three member boys team, and a two member girls team for participation in the Nick Faldo Golf Championship to be held in Vietnam in March 2021, began at the alluring PAF Skyview Golf Course in Lahore.

From the angle of selection, the best performing boy in under 16 years age category will have the honour of representing the country, while another one will be the from the 18 years age group. And the third boy will be from the under 21 years competing batch. As for girls, the finest one out of the under 16 years age participant will travel to Vietnam and the second one will be from the under 21 years categorization.

At the end of the first day in this three days trials session, the two players who stood out overall irrespective of the age category is the girl – Suneya Osama (under 21 years ) and a boy – Damil Ataullah, who falls in age bracket under 18 years. Both of these top performers are from Lahore  Garrison Golf Club.

The second round will tee off at 830 am on Saturday, 28th November at PAF Skyview Golf Course.

Suneya Osama came up with the best round of the day, her score of gross 73 making her look robust and potent. Certainly this young female of immense talent held herself well in the tough playing conditions at the splendid PAF Skyview Golf Course. Her drives were on target and equally precise and perfect were her fairway shots.”I look forward to more consistency over the next two rounds ” said Suneya and hope “I can adhere to my playing plan over the next two rounds”.

In the race for selection in under 16 years group, Omar Khalid of Karachi Golf Club certainly brought glad tidings for himself and his intent and yearning parents as he showed intensity in application of golfing skills and stood rewarded with a steady looking score of gross 77. Right now Omar Khalid enjoys an edge over his nearest rival, Yashal Shah bya margin of one stroke. Yashal Shah is also from Karachi Golf Club. In this category, Abdul Moeez of Mangla Golf Club is placed at a score of gross 79.

In the age category under 18 years, the top one is Damil Ataullah (Garrison) with a score of gross 74, an  effort that reflects hard work and principled application of golfing skills. Another talented one, Mikayl Majid of Defence Raya Golf Club is placed one stroke behind him at gross 75. One more participant in line for top honors is Nadir Ahmed Khan of Karachi Golf Club, his score being gross 79.

The participants positions in age category under 21 years are Osama Nadeem (IBEX Sargodha at 75 and Nouman Ilyas (Garrison) at 79.

Suneya Osama of Garrison leads the under 21 years girls group in a commanding way with a score of 73. The other girl immediately behind her is Parkha Ijaz (Defence Raya) at 77. Humna Amjad (PAF Skyview) is the best one in under 16 years.