Olympics: Three Greatest Historical Moments

Olympics, as we as a whole know, is a social affair of thousands of competitors contending to be the best. The occasion has competitors from more than 206 nations as detailed in 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

The Olympics happen after every 4 years. A large portion of the Olympics are regularly quick games, where we have seen individual games going on for a unimportant 10 seconds which keeps the crowd on the edge of their seats untouched.

Any semblance of these games are not regularly advertised as it does not have a specific fanbase or a fan following despite the fact that there have been people who have reclassified the donning scene. The real disadvantage to these matchups is how oftentimes they are being played.

This is why it is hard to keep up with the records that are being broken, in every other game. So, in this article, Allsportspk presents three greatest historical moments in Olympics.

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#3 Swimming – Michael Phelps 


Michael Phelps is one of the best competitors the world has ever observed. Phelps had each and every swimming record to his name when he at long last reported his retirement on Aug 12, 2016.

A little child hailing from Baltimore with dreams to the most adorned Olympian ever spread over 16 long years from his Olympic introduction in 2000 when he was 15 years of age to 2016 when he passed on the rod to the more youthful age. He has affected the game and additionally a huge number of yearning swimmers.

Michael Phelps, the human fish, made it colossal this time. He turned into the first and the main Olympian to win eight Golds at a solitary Olympics by breaking Mark Spitz’s record of 7 medals.

Allsportspk Greatest: Michael Phelps – Most Decorated Olympian

Out of the aggregate eight decorations won in 2008 Olympics, seven were won by making another world record and that was something out of one’s creative ability and that absolutely portrayed he was in the best type of his life.

Rundown of races won in 2008 Beijing Olympics

  • The 400-meter singular variety
  • The 4×100 free-form transfer
  • The 200 free
  • The 200 butterfly
  • The 4×200 free transfer
  • The 200 individual variety
  • The 100 butterfly
  • The 4×100 mixture hand-off

The correlations are finished. Michael Phelps is seemingly the best Olympian ever.

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