BN Polo and Barry’s carved out convincing victories in the Corps Commander Diamond Paints Polo Cup 2021 matches played here at the Jinnah Polo and Country Club. 

In the first match of the day, BN Polo outscored DS Polo/ASC by 7-4. From BN Polo, Mariano Raigal thrashed in three tremendous goals while Babar Naseem banged in a brace and Ahmed Ali Tiwana and Sufi Muhammad Haroon converted one goal apiece. From DS Polo/ASC, Hissam Ali Hyder cracked a quartet but his efforts could not bear fruit for his side. 

The second match proved to be a thrilling encounter, where Barry’s outlasted HN Polo by 6-4 1/2. From Barry’s, Ruelo Trotz fired in fabulous four goals while Hamza Mawaz Khan slammed in two goals. From HN Polo, Raja Mikael Sami banged in a brace while Raja Sami Ullah and Haider Naseem scored one goal each. 

On Wednesday, 3rd February two matches will be played at Pakistan Park. The first match of the day will be played between Newage Cables and FG Polo/Diamond Paints at 2:00 pm while ASC will vie against Remounts at 3:00 pm.