The PGF-Pakistan Golf Federation has initiated a drive to lure young ones to the entertaining and congenial game of golf. In this connection the first formal introduction to Golf and Coaching ‘Putting’ Session was held at the Islamabad Police Lines, where six golf greens were prepared.

As for the participation of little ones this became possible through an effective interaction with parents and assistance from Islamabad Police who allowed access to their Summer Camp school students. A total of 230 boys and girls in the age bracket 5 years to 12 years responded and attend the persuasive and agreeable coaching event. Dressed in light blue polo shirts and dark lowers provided by Islamabad Police, the assembly of 230 tenderfoot golf novices presented a gallant and gracious sight as they stood nobly when the National Anthem was played by the band and thereafter the coaching commenced with an introduction to golf by Zahid Iqbal of Pakistan Golf Federation.

During the course of interaction with beginners the objective during this golf camp was to inspire youth between the ages five  years to twelve years and help them to get fascinated by the game of golf and gradually heighten relations with it. Zahid Iqbal  admitted that teaching beginners was a difficult proposition but he did it with utmost ease and patience. The heartening aspect was that many of the attending little ones showed immense talent, yearning and enthusiasm for the game.

As a result of this activity and intense learning exercise the, boys and girls who participated in the putting competition handled the putting stroke proficiently and with expertise. Putting Competition Results were:

Girls 5 to 9 years – 1st Narjis Jawad; 2nd Umaima Bint Ali, 3rd Aina Waheed.

Above 9 years to 12 years: 1st Bia Ayyaz; 2nd Sireen Babar; 3rd Rushba Azeem.

Boys 5 to 7 years: 1st Muhammed Umair; 2nd Umer Farooq; 3rd Sami Raja.

Above 7 to 9 years: 1st Taryal; 2nd Talal; 3rd Zain.

Above 9 to 11 years: 1st Sikandar Ali Yan; 2nd Ibraheem Aziz; 3rd Hassan Sarmad.

Above 11 to 12 years: 1st Abdul Rafay; 2nd Muhammed Abdullah Ismail; 3rd Ali Shah.

Golf and Coaching ‘Putting’ Session 2021 was held for 230 Youngsters Aged 12 Years & Below at the Islamabad, Pakistan – PGF / Allsportspk

At the conclusion of the 1st PGF Juniors and Golf Coaching Putting Competition at the golf center of Islamabad Police Lines, Mrs Zeenat Ayesha, Member Executive Committee of PGF and Kamran Adil of Islamabad Police honoured the successful little ones by awarding them prizes.


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