The 13th U-21 Junior National Snooker Championship 2021 commences on Friday, 6th August 2021.

The participants includes 16 players from the four Provinces and Federal area. Which are 4 players from Sindh, 4 from Punjab, 4 players from KpK, 2 from Balochistan and Islamabad respectively.

The 16 players are divided into 4 Groups as follows:

Group A: Zubair Tahir (Pjb), Jahanzaib Jahangir (Bal), M. Asad Khan (Sindh), Munsifudin Alaudin (KpK).

Group B: Umer Ismail (Sindh), Usman Waheed (Isb), Sajjad Abdullah(KpK), Muhammad Shahzad (Pjb).

Group C: Muhammad Rafiq (KpK), Zohaib Mustafa (Isb), Zunair Khan (Sindh), Ahsan Ramzan (Pjb).

Group D: Rizwan (Bal), Sheikh Mudassir (Pjb), Kamran Albert Masih (Kp), Shahrayar Khan (Sindh).

The scheduled fixtures are:

Saturday Fixture

Muhammad Rafiq (Pjb) v Ahsan Ramzan (Pjb)

Zohaib Mustafa (Isb) v Zunair Khan (Sindh)

Rizwan (Bal) v Shahrayar Khan (Sindh)

Sheikh Mudassir (Pjb) v Kamran Albert Masih (Kp)

Zubair Tahir (Pjb) v Munsifudin Alaudin (Kp)

Jahanzaib Jahangir (Bal) v M. Asad Khan (Sindh)

Umer Ismail (Sindh) v Muhammad Shahzad (Pjb)

Usman Waheed (Isb) Sajjad Abdullah (Kp)

Muhammad Rafiq (Kp) v Zunair Khan (Sindh)

Zohaib Mustafa (Isb) v Ahsan Ramzan (Pjb)

Rizwan (Bal) v Kamran Albert Masih (Kp)

Sheikh Mudassir (Pjb) v Shahrayar Khan (Sindh)

Sunday Fixture

Zubair Tahir (Pjb) v M. Asad Khan (Sindh)

Jahanzaib Jahangir (Bal) v Munsifudin Alaudin (Pjb)

Umer Ismail (Sindh) v Sajjad Abdullah (Kp)

Usman Waheed (Isb) v Muhammad Shahzad (Pjb)

Muhammad Rafiq (Kp) v Zohaib Mustafa (Isb)

Zunair Khan (Sindh) v Ahsan Ramzan (Pjb)

Rizwan (Bal) v Sheikh Mudassir (Pjb)

Kamran Albert Masih (Kp) v Shahrayar Khan (Sindh)

Zubair Tahir (Pjb) v Jahanzaib Jahangir (Bal)

M. Asad Khan (Sindh) v Munsifudin Alaudin (Kp)

Umer Ismail (Sindh) v Usman Waheed (Isb)

Sajjad Abdullah (Kp) v Muhammad Shahzad (Pjb)

All League Matches best of  frames, Quarter Final Best of 7, Semi Finals Best of 9 frames and Final Best of 11 Frames.


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