The PGF-Pakistan Golf Federation the national golf body brings animated jubilation for all golf related stakeholders by setting forth the golf competitions golf calendar for the twelve months stretching over the period July 2022 to June 2023.

This golf calendar is of paramount importance for the top tier golf professionals, the second tier golf professionals, the senior golf professionals and the junior golf professionals whose livelihood is contingent upon active participation in  the Open Golf Championships.

Over the years the primary cities of golfing activity have been Karachi, which rightfully boasts of golf courses like Karachi Golf Club Golf Course, DHA Golf Course, Arabian Sea Golf Club Golf Course, Airmen Golf Club Golf Course, city of Lahore which is famous for the Gymkhana Golf Course, Lahore Garrison  Golf Course, Royal Palm Golf Course, PAF Skyview Golf Course and Defence Raya Golf Course, while cities of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar which have a golf course each  and the exhilarating news for this year is that the city of Multan has emerged as a fascinating golfing destination with the emergence of the Nick Fado designed Rumanza Golf Course, the first signature golf course of Pakistan.

During 2022-23 season the total number of tournaments are 60 and these comprise of 26 Open Golf Championships that offer a record breaking prize money of Rs 120 million. As for the amateur events these also add up to a total of 26 and another noteworthy and remarkable development for ladies golf is that eight exclusive ladies golf tournaments are earmarked for their engagements.  

The Golf calendar gets going from Karachi with the holding of the President SGA Amateur Cup at DHA Golf Course in Karachi from 14th to 17th July 2022 followed by the 5th Jinnah Development Tour Match at Airmen Golf Club from 28th to 31st July. Centre of activity in August will be Karachi and lined up are two open golf championships and one title bearing Sind Amateur Golf Championships.

From September onwards, the tournaments move towards Punjab, and nucleus of activity will be Rawalpindi Golf Club Golf Course, Islamabad Golf Club Golf Course, Peshawar Golf Course and Golf Courses in Lahore.

Rumanza Golf Course, Multan will be hosting the first Open Golf Championship in February 2023.

The 62nd National Amateur Golf Championship of Pakistan is scheduled to be held in Lahore from 3rd to 6th November 2022 while the Pakistan Open is scheduled for early December 2022. These are national title bearing national events and likely to acquire international flavour.

The 3rd PGF Inter Club Golf Championship has been allocated to Islamabad and will be held from 29th September to 22nd October  at Islamabad Golf Course. This is a fortifying event with a competitive zest of its own.

The Golf Calendar will conclude in June 2023 with the holding of the PGF Professional Qualifying School Event in June 2023. 

It is a high spirited golfing year for the ladies golf devotees and scheduled are eight national level championships exclusively for ladies. For the golf professionals of Pakistan, the Open Golf Events are going to be fulfilling, enriching and financially productive. They just have to compete with relentless determination and come up with resolute display of golfing skills under nerve wrecking competition .