In the 2020 Inter Club Golf event, the teams of Defence Raya, Royal Palm and Lahore Gymkhana Teams are contesting for eminence and elevation.

This golf event involving golf teams of three prestigious golf clubs of Lahore was contested over three days, first day at Royal Palm, second day at Defence Raya and the final day yesterday at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

At the completion of first two days tackling of each others golfing adeptness and mental strengths, Defence Raya Team had an advantage of 10 points over Gymkhana and 14 points over Royal Palm. This made Defence Raya look like a probable winner and their elated team was all geared up for supremacy when play commenced on the final day after exchange of greetings between the Captains of the three teams, Sardar Murad (Defence Raya), Abdullah Sharif (Royal Palm) and Dr. Dildar Hussain (Gymkhana).

As per format of the Championship, the final 18 holes competition yesterday at Lahore Gymkhana turned out to be a formidable affair as the Gymkhana Team Members started to unfold their capabilities in this singles match play contest. Defence Raya daunting ones who had looked intimidating in the first two rounds began to disintegrate before the unwavering resoluteness of the Gymkhana golf players.

2020 Inter Club Golf event held at Lahore, Pakistan – Courtesy: PGF – Allsportspk

Every player of Gymkhana Golf Team played with an admirable touch of commitment, hitting powerful tee shots and backing these up with laudable and commendable putting. As Gymkhana team members started to accumulate winning points through immaculate application of golfing skills, visible was chaos in the ranks of the unassailable Defence Raya Team and when the final flight led by Omer Zia arrive, Gymkhana Team had managed to accumulate 65 points for the three rounds.

As against this Defence Raya also stood at 65 points and as per rules when the points tally is same, the team that accumulates more points on the final day is declared the winner. Since Gymkhana had winning points of 27 as against 17 points of Defence Raya, the glittering trophy was theirs and while thunderous cheers filled the Gymkhana atmosphere, Defence Raya players felt distraught and weary. Afterall they had missed becoming the celebrated ones, merely because their points tally was one point short.

For the Gymkhana Golf Team, the lustrous and radiant ones have been Jehanzeb Saleh, Nasir Irshad, Imran Ahmed and Salman Jehangir in the zero to nine handicap category and Naveed Sharif, Ahsan Zubair, Salman Hanif, Hamza Kardar, Tanvir Najm and the gleaming one Omer Zia in the ten to twelve handicap category. While these members added two points each to the tally of Gymkhana bag, others who made winning contributions with points less than two were Farooq Ahmed Khan, Waleed Zubair, Taimur Shabbir, Ahsan Khawaja, Qasim Khan and Dr Dildar Hussain. All in all Gymkhana Team gave a stellar performance on the final day to chisel out a victory for their team.

Defence Raya Team may have lost but their players like Omer Khawaja, Shafique Bhatti, Isfandyar, Col (r) Asif Mehdi, Nadeem Mukhtar and Shan Tahir gave a good account of their capabilities.

At the conclusion of the superbly organized final round of this three tier Inter Club Golf Championship battled out between, Royal Palm, Defence Raya and Lahore Gymkhana the prestigious Lahore Cup was awarded to the Gymkhana Team, in the presence of Mian Misbahurrehman, Sarmad Nadeem and participating team players of the three clubs at Gymkhana Golf Club Lawns.


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