In the 47th week, on Day 1 of ITC-Islamabad Tennis Complex League around 35 matches were played. Due to popularity of the league especially as youngsters have an opportunity to get professional exposure, players from the nearby cities, Wah and Taxila also participated in the Tennis League.

Boys & Girls U-10 (Round Robin Matches)
Ayesha Masood Bt Amir Masood 5-3; Fatima Maqsood Bt Amna Maqsood 4-2; Arshman Maqsood Bt
Wishal Arshad 4-0; Amir Masood Bt Qasim Ul Khair 4-0; Qsim Ul Khair Bt Arshman Maqsood 4-1;
Boys & Girls U-12 (Round Robin Matches)
Hassan Usmani Bt Uzair Maqsood 5-
Boys & Girls U-14 (Round Robin Matches)
Hassan Usmani Bt Ammar Masood 5-2; Hassan Usmani Bt Abdul wasay 5-2
Boys & Girls Over 16 (Round Robin Matches)
Abdullah Bt Umer Masood 5-1; Yawar Ali Bt Umer Masood 5-0; Yameen Mughal Bt Abdullah 6-4; Sahar
Aleem Bt Azeena Aleem 5-3; Sameer Kiyani Bt Ammar Masood 5-2; Ammar Masood Bt Sahar Aleem 5-3;
Haziq Aasim Bt Hamza Ul Zuhair 5-0; Abdullah Bt Azeena Aleem 5-1; Yameen Mughal Bt Ammar Masood
5-0; Yawar Ali Bt Sameer Kiyani 5-2; Yawar Ali Bt Haziq Aasim 5-1; Hamza Aasim Bt Yameen Mughal 5-0;
Abdul Wasay Bt Hamza Ul Zuhair 5-1; Sameer Kiyani Bt Umer Masood 5-3; Yawar Ali Bt Hamza Aasim 5-
2; Abdullah Bt Sahar Aleem 5-1; Haziq Aasim Bt Sahar Aleem 5-1; Yawar Ali Bt Azeena Aleem 6-4; Abdul
Wasay Bt Azeena Aleem 5-3; Umer Masood Bt Ammar Masood 5-2; Haziq Aasim Bt Sameer Kiyani 5-1;
Sameer Kiyani Bt Hamza Ul Zuhair 5-1; Abdullah Bt Ammar Masood 5-0; Umer Masood Bt Sahar Aleem


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