Highlights of Palmers Friendship Golf Championship
It turned out to be a battle of golfing techniques in the Palmers Friendship Golf Championship Match between the 26 member Red Team captained by Faisal Syed and the 26 member Blue team captained by Sharjeel Awan.
This challenging team play encounter was played at the Royal Palm Golf Course. Both teams had some power hitting players at their command and the contest was expected to be a nail biting affair but in the ultimate reckoning the forceful ones of the Red Team had their say and through an applaudable and cohesive effort, they triumphed over the Blue Team by a margin of 12 strokes.
During the match play contest, visible was  control and command over their drives and fairways shot making and by consistently applying  these golfing attributes the outstanding ones of the Red Team compiled 17 points in the team pairs competition and 13.5 points in the match play individual competitions. Their total aggregate score added up to a tally of  30.5 points giving the Red team ascendancy over their adversaries of the Blues Tea. And as against this the Blue Team managed to build up merely 7 points in the Pairs matches and 11.5 points in the individual matches and their total of 18.5 points was not good enough. Thus, Red Team had the honour of lifting the winning trophy of Palmers Friendship Golf Championship and the honours related thereto.
For the Reds team the pairs who excelled in superb and artistic display of golfing abilities were Faisal Syed and Amir Mehmood, Moeen Salahuddin and Abdullah Sharif, Abbas Chaudry and Hamid Sharif, Zafar Iqbal and Shahbaz Shah, Zafar Haider and Rana Imran, Shahid Karim and H.M.Yousaf, and Nasrullah Shah and Shahid Gondal. These pairs beat their opponents outright and contributed two points each to the winning tally of 30.5 points. Single point each was poured into the overall points basket by Hussain Hamid and Amir Kabeer, Saeed ul Haseeb and Jaudat Hassan, and Asad Hameed and Zahid Hussain.
As regards the individual duels, those who stood out for Team Red were Faisal Syed, Amir Mehmood, Moeen Salahuddin, Abdullah Sharif, Zafar Iqbal, Zafar Haider, Rana Imran, Shahid Karim, Nasrullah Shah, Shahid Gondal, Jaudat Hassan and Hussain Hamid.
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