The Pakistan Golf Federation Match Play Golf Championship 2020 entered the final match play stage at the exquisite Royal Palm Golf Course.

Based on the scores achieved over the first two rounds, sixteen golf professionals qualified to battle it out amongst themselves on the match play format on Saturday and Sunday. Similarly sixteen amateurs who attained top positions after competing on stroke play basis over the first two rounds now earn the honour of showing their skills in a match play contest that will bring to the fore the real amateurs of talent.

As for the game on Thursday, the leader in Professional Section was M. Munir of Rawalpindi Golf Club. He qualified for the Match Play Contest by emerging as the leader with two round scores of 65 and 73 and an overall aggregate of 138, six under par. Muhammed Alam of Defence Raya ended up at number two slot. His scores were 68 and 72, which gave him an aggregate of 140, two under par.

Out of the other competitors the impressive performers were Muhammed Shabbir, Talat Ijaz, Talib Hussain, Ahmed Baig, M. Tariq, M. Rehman, M. Shahazad and Matloob Ahmed. Eight contenders could not make it and are therefore out of the championship.

On Friday the line up for match play in Professionals category is as follows:

Professionals Category Line Up:

Muhammed Munir vs Arif Ali

Muhammed Rehman vs Muhammed Shahzad

Talat Ijaz vs Muhammed Saeed

Talib Hussain vs Usman Ali

Muhammed Alam vs Suleman Akhter

Muhammed Tariq vs Matloob Ahmed

Muhammed Shabbir vs Syed Raza Ali Rizvi

Ahmed Baig vs Kamran Shafiq;

And the line up in Amateur Category is;

Amateur Category Line Up:

Qasim Ali Khan vs Sheraz Hussain

Ameer Khawaja vs Syed Saim Shazli

Hussain Hamid vs Umer Khawaja

Danish Javed vs Rustam Ali Chatta

Salman Jehangir vs Mian Rashid Rasheed

Damil Ataullah vs Capt Zain

Ahmed Zafar Hayat vs Nasir Irshad

Muhammed Arsalan vs Faisal Sayid

Round one of the Match Play will be competed in the first half of the day on Saturday and those who emerge victorious will play the quarter finals followed by semifinals in the later part of the day.

At the end of the day, those who succeed in remaining unbeaten enter the final stage of the Championship. The two  finalists in Professional Category and finalists in amateur section will battle it out for supremacy on Sunday over 36 holes.


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