Racing – Formula 1: New Car Designs Revealed

Formula 1 has uncovered plans to enhance the nature of racing with a new car design to be presented in 2021.

Formula 1

The Formula 1 sporting executive, Ross Brawn said the primary reason behind it was to manufacture cars which are more raceable.

He further said that, changes to the streamlined features would mean that cars could take after each other, significantly more closely than at present.

The 63-year-old previous Mercedes and Brawn team manager stated that, F1 has been chipping away on a new car design for about a year, while working together with administering body, the FIA and the teams on lightening the issue, whereby a car behind another loses a lot of its performance.

Three distinctive concept designs were demonstrated by Brawn at the Singapore Grand Prix, after which he stated that the new cars in 2021 would have every one of the features in them.

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