NEPAL: Ueli Steck, an eminent Swiss climber died while climbing the Nuptse wall of Mount Everest. According to the officials of Nepal Mountaineering Association, it seems that he slipped and fell during the climb. According to the Director General of Tourism Department,  the other climbers who saw him said that he slipped off around 1000 meters.

According to information he was climbing alone as his partner, Tenji Sherpa, who was suffering from frostbite and was under treatment.

Steck, was to attempt climbing the Everest in May, was in the process of acclimatisation. Known as – Swiss Machine as he always took the challenge to attempt new routes was this time also planning to summit the tallest peak from Lhotse, which connects a range of ridges a route which has never before been attempted.

Steck born in 1976, became a zealous climber at the age of 12 years. In due course, he was known for his taking up daring mountaineering challenges while attempting some of the most difficult peaks, mostly on his own, and at time without the basic equipment required for ssafety.

He soon became one of the most prominent names in mountaineering after scaling some of the world’s most daunting peaks, often alone and without basic safety equipment such as fixed ropes or bottled oxygen.

Besides, Steck had many opponents in the mountaineering fraternity who severely criticised him for not letting himself be tracked or even record proof of his achievements via photographs, etc. He normally refuted such allegations as “jealousy”.