The Jinnah Polo and Country Club, organised Under-19 Polo Cup 2020-21 got underway at the JP&CC ground while two matches were played.

Total four teams are featuring in this Under-19 event, which include LPC AOS, LPC Remington Pharma, JP&CC Colts and LGPC Servis Tyres. Each team also include one female polo player. 

In the first match of the opening day, LPC Remington Pharma outscored LPC AOS by 8-3. Both the teams started the match well but later LPC Remington Pharma dominated the match and prevailed over the LPC Colts with a score of 8-3. From the winning side, Raja Jalal Arslan and Nazar Dean Muhammad hammered a hat-trick each while Basil Faisal Khokhar and Amal Raza converted one goal apiece. From the losing side, Hamza Ali Hakeem struck twice and Muhammad Ali Malik once but their efforts remained fruitless. 

Under-19 Polo Cup 2020-21 Day 1 match glimpse played at Jinnah Polo and Country Club, Lahore, Pakistan – Allsportspk

The second match of the opening day also proved to be a one-sided affair where JP&CC Colts outsmarted LGPC Servis Tyres with a huge margin of 9-1. Syed Muhammad Turab Rizvi emerged as hero of the day from the winning side as he displayed high-quality polo skills and mallet work and contributed with fabulous four goals while Mustafa Aziz converted a hat-trick and Aminur Rehman and Faris Noor-ud-din scores one goal each. From the losing side, the only goal was converted by Musa Javed. 

On Wednesday, two more matches will be played as JP&CC Colts will vie against LPC AOS in the first match at 12:30 pm while LPC Remington Pharma will compete against LPGC Service Tyres in the second match at 1:30 pm.


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