Warriors Vs Cavaliers Game 2

Golden State Warriors dominated again over Cleveland Cavaliers in the second game of the NBA finals with a score of 122-103, which was played at the home of the Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

Warriors now hold a 2-0 lead over Cavaliers.

History was made by Stephen Curry in this game as he scored 9 3-pointers out of 17 and was also man of the match with a total score of 33 points to his name.

Stephen Curry also broke the record of Celtic Star Ray Allen who scored 8 3-pointers in the second game of the finals against Lakers in 2010.

Warriors Vs Cavaliers

On the other hand, Lebron James performance was admirable as he scored 29 points, 9 rebounds and 13 assists to his teammates, but still they lost the match.

In case if you have missed the highlights of the game 1 click the link below:

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Match 2 Highlights

1st Quarter:

  • Warriors looked confident as they lead Cavaliers with 9 points in just eight minutes. At this point the score of Warriors Vs Cavaliers was 15-6.
  • Then George Hill scored a 3-pointer followed by Lebron’s lay up. But still Warriors were leading by 5 points.
  • After that, Stephen Curry from Warriors missed a three-pointer, although Warriors were leading Cavaliers by 7 points with only 11 minutes remaining in the first quarter.
  • After five minutes, Lebron assisted Kevin Love for a jumper while on the other hand, Jordan Bell from Warriors alley-oops Draymond Green’s pass.

Warriors Vs Cavaliers

  • Warriors were scoring at a fast pace than Cavaliers with Stephen Curry and Shaun Livingston scoring with only 3 minutes left in the first quarter. At this point the score was Warriors Vs Cavaliers 30-24.
  • The 1st quarter ended with the scores: Warriors vs Cavaliers 32-28.

2nd Quarter:

  • The second quarter started with Kevin Durant from Warriors scoring a mid-range jumper just after a minute. This was not enough for Durant as he scored a 3-pointer after 2 minutes.
  • After that, Cavaliers took a timeout. The scores now were Warriors Vs Cavaliers 39-30.
  • George Hill scored a three pointer after the break followed up by Kevin Love’s 3-pointer. Cavaliers were recovering points to come back in the game.
  • Warriors on seeing this scored 7 points together including Stephen Curry’s 3-pointer and Shaun’s two straight dunks.
  • Warriors were now leading Cavaliers with a good lead of 13 points.
  • After the Cavaliers got possession, George Hill scored on two free throws followed by Lebron James layup. Cavaliers were cutting the lead down but Stephen Curry again scored a hilarious 3-pointer to end Cavaliers run.
  • After that, Kevin Durant scored 2 points followed up by Stephen Curry’s 3-pointer which extended the lead for the Golden State Warriors. At this point the scores now were Warriors Vs Cavaliers 59-44.
  • Lebron then gets a basket and the 2nd quarter was finished with Warriors still leading by 13 points.

3rd Quarter:

  • Tristan Thompson from Cavaliers makes a layup followed by Kevin Love’s three-pointer.
  • After that, Kevin Durant scored on a free throw and a three-pointer. But Kevin Love again scored a 3-pointer for Cavaliers immediately after Durant.
  • The scores now were Warriors Vs Cavaliers 66-56. Warriors took a timeout after George Hill from Cavaliers and Klay Thompson from Warriors both scored a  three-pointer.
  • After that, Kevin Love scored on a free throw followed by Lebron James layup. On the other hand, Thompson gave Warriors a much-needed three pointer and then Cavaliers took a timeout. The scores now were Warriors Vs Cavaliers 85-77.
  • Warriors were extending their lead as soon as Cavaliers came closer enough. The Cavaliers played at their best and tried to catch up but it wasn’t easy to do so.
  • With only six minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, David West from Warriors scored a three-pointer while on the other hand, Kyle Korver scored on a free-throw when he was fouled by Bell.
  • The third quarter ended with Warrior maintaining a lead scores of: 90-80.

4th Quarter:

  • Lebron scored a three-pointer at the start of the 4th quarter. But Stephen Curry shocked everyone when he scored two straight three-pointers after which Cavaliers called a timeout.
  • Kevin Love scored a lay-up after the timeout but still the Warriors were leading by 13 points. The scores now were Warriors 100-87 Cavaliers.
  • Lebron James then scored a layup but Stephen Curry responded him by a three-pointer as the shot clock was about to expire.
  • After Cavaliers scored on both the free throws, Stephen Curry again hits a crazy three-pointer from long range. The scores now were Warriors 109-93 Cavaliers.

Warriors Vs Cavaliers

  • Warriors kept on scoring for 8 minutes including Stephen Curry’s record breaking 9th 3-pointer of the match and Cavaliers were stopped at 93.
  • After a while, Jose Calderon from Cavaliers scored a layup responded by Zaza Pachulia who scored on two free throws.
  • At last, the whistle blew and the 4th quarter ended. The final score was Warriors 122-103 Cavaliers.
  • Stephen Curry scored the most points (33) in the game while Lebron James finished with 29 points to his name.

Warriors Vs Cavaliers

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