LONDON: The prize money for the 2017 men’s and women’s singles champions has been increased by 200,000 pounds to 2.2 million pounds each.

The grass-court grand slam tournament taking place since 1895, takes place this year in London from July 3-16.

The organizers revealed the increase for winners cheques a greater than before total prize sum of 31.6 million pounds, up from 28.1 million pounds. The main beneficiary’s players being the first round singles losers who would pocket 35,000 pounds a 17 percent increase from last year.

Mr. Brook’s the club chairman said that the club had “taken into account” exchange rates, but that the “Brexit effect” were not influential in their calculations. Further, elaborated that “We are proud of the important leadership role that Wimbledon plays locally, nationally, and internationally, and are committed to continuing to invest to secure the future of The Championships, and of our sport, for the years to come”.