Budapest Entry Standards

The World Athletics Council announced that it has approved the entry standards for the 10,000m, marathon, combined events, and race walk at the World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023, which will be held 19th-27th August next year.

The entry standards are projected to provide 50% of the quota in each event and were determined by statistical analysis of recent years´ performance levels. The remaining quota in each event will qualify either through world rankings, finishing position at designated competitions or by wild card.

Entry Standards

MenEvent (quota)Women
27:10.00 / 27:1010,000m (27)30:40.00 / 30:40
2:09:40Marathon (100)2:28:00
8460Decathlon / heptathlon (24)6480
1:20:1020km race walk (50)1:29:20
2:29:4035km race walk (50)2:51:30

Qualification Window

10,000m, 20km race walk & combined events:31 January 2022-30 July 2023
Marathon and 35km race walk:1 December 2021-30 May 2023
All other events:31 July 2022-30 July 2023

10,000m Qualification

It is possible to qualify for the 10,000m through a 10km performance, and for world ranking purposes, the 10km road event is considered equal to the 10,000m.

In addition, the top eight athletes in the cross country rankings not qualified through entry standards or 10,000m world ranking, will be considered qualified for the 10,000m.

Marathon Qualification

The top five finishers at the Platinum Label marathons held during the qualification period and the winners of the Gold Label marathons held in 2023 are all considered qualified in the marathon.

The detailed qualification system and the entry standards for the remaining events are currently being established and will follow when approved by Council.