The famous ex-Argentinian rugby player, Agustin Pichot, has submitted his resignation from the World Rugby Council. The decision was announced after he lost the election to Josh Beaumont, for the president of the Council.

Agustin had previously served as the vice-chairman for Beaumont, the ex-captain of the England Rugby Team. Beaumont was able to receive a total of 28 votes and beat Agustin, who received a total of 23 votes, and shall now serve as the President of the Council for the next four years. Subsequently, Agustin has also stepped down from his role of the President of America’s Rugby and as the representative for the Argentine Rugby Union on the Council.

During the elections, the South American, Asian as well as the Sanzaar nations-South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina, had supported Augstin’s ideas and had voted for him too.

Agustin gave a statement shortly afterwards his decision of stepping down, in which he mentioned that he had only been part of the World Rugby because he believed that the World Rugby needs change. This was the reason why he wanted to be the president of the Council and now that his proposition had not been chosen, he had decided to step aside, he said.


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